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About DBT

DBT is an Internet and database software development company that operates primarily in the agriculture, animal health and retail sectors. We were formed in 1995 to operate specifically in the agriculture sector providing data analysis and data management services for sales and marketing data.

Today we create data driven, content managed website's and extranets for large multi-national companies whilst also providing data management services, intelligent reporting and bespoke web based business critical systems.

We are challenged by our multi-national clients to develop and deploy highly scalable web-enabled database applications.  These may be as diverse as a content-managed web site dynamically personalised by a large data warehouse, an online business intelligence tool that enables customers to interrogate and report on their data from anywhere in the world; or a sophisticated e-commerce presence that provides fresh, innovative features to its users through its creative use of technology.


Most of DBT's business is currently focused in the following key areas:

  • Corporate website's and extranets
  • Web based business systems (sales ordering tools, wholesale ordering and order management systems, business intelligence reporting, sales and marketing data management, and licence and royalty management systems)
  • Mobile web applications for wholesale ordering, order management systems, business intelligence reporting
  • Data management services


DBT also host 95% of their client solutions in a dedicated data centre, freeing the application developers of the restrictions sometimes imposed by 3rd party hosts and allowing complete freedom to design leading edge distributed application architectures for clients.

For further information, please contact either:

Richard Sibbit
Managing Director  

Adrian Friend
Client Services Director

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