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  • BSPB

    BSPB has worked with DBT for a number of years on our bespoke database.  During this time we have built up a strong working relationship based on their commitment to understand our business and provide the support needed to enable BSPB to operate efficiently and effectively.
    Alda McGregor, Accounts Manager

  • Bayer CropScience

    "Strategy development, account management, attention to detail and delivery of results"; these are what have been delivered in working with DBT. With an excellent understanding of our industry, and their determination to deliver results, we have relied on them as being a part of our organisation and have not been disappointed. We are very pleased, not just with the results they have delivered, but also by the manner in which they have achieved them".
    Dr Anthony John, Marketing Communications Manager

  • Monsanto UK/Eire

    "We need to provide all our customers with accurate information on what they need when they need it. The new website provides a management tool with a system behind it which ensures ease of use to keep content current and relevant. DBT demonstrated a great understanding of our industry and needs which was invaluable in the development process and ensures we have a website that not only meets immediate needs but has the flexibility to develop, which is essential in a rapidly changing communication environment."
    Susan Mintern, Marketing Manager

  • Home Grown Cereals Authority

    "I found DBT easy to work with, very patient with our failings and very good at organising and managing our project time.They were helpful in providing useful suggestions and alternative solutions whenever problems were encountered during the project".
    Clare Riddiford, Customer Information Manager, HGCA

    "There is a far stronger focus on targeting information - much of the information is restricted to levy payers and subscribers, which has proved popular".
    Marsha Ribeiro, responsible for the site

  • GrowHow

    "We had a big issue with time - nothing new in that but following collaboration with and a lot of work by DBT I think we have cracked it.  For a while at least.  With N-Min not only has the service improved but the administrative requirement is a fraction of what it was.  EnCompass Online moves the time commitment to the person with first hand experience of the field details - the farmer.  This frees up the Distributor Fieldsman to concentrate on the best use of the fertiliser with regard to crop requirements and environmental considerations. I would like to thank the DBT team for their patience, persistence and positive approach that enabled progress to be made.

    We have received very positive feedback from our customers already with comments like: 'I like the site design because it looks fresh / strong / clear' and 'oooh that's clever!' a recent user even commented 'You have just delivered a miracle!'.

    John Scott, GrowHow Advice Support Manager

  • Agricultural Industries Confederation

    "The new website will ensure that the trade assurance schemes fulfil their vital role across the arable and livestock industries. It provides unique information about the principles of assurance and assurance standards".
    John Kelley, AIC

  • Genus Breeding

    "Through our field force having access to the website, they have access to the most up-to-date information as soon as it is available. This is a key selling point of our products."
    James Simpson, Genus Marketing Communications Manager

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