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Frontier Agronomy Library

Frontier is the UK's leading crop inputs and grain marketing business, recognised for its close customer relationships with farmers and grain consumers.
With a team of 115 agronomists they are well placed to provide an excellent service to the farming community with advice and expertise on methodology, soil science and meteorology.

To assist the agronomists DBT were tasked to produce a bespoke document and data library with a range of functions that allow the user to access a database of over 10,000 media files including PDF, Word files, Images and even video files both on and offline utilising a web based system for online connections and a fully synchronised client version which can be installed locally for filed use.

The system utilises a hierarchical system for the production of media files with editors being primarily used to create media and publishers who are automatically notified via email and on screen prompt that a document is either ready for review and publish or when a document has reached its natural review period which can be set by either a publisher or an administrator.

A “What’s New” section is available which shows the user the last 50 documents posted to the library which keeps the user fully updated and allows for quick access.

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