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SAP Integration Solution

Certified SAP Integration

Your business uses SAP. You need to move data between SAP and your other systems. Some of these may be legacy or bespoke systems, with no available SAP adaptor. Your staff waste time and effort on error prone manual or semi automated processes, monthly, weekly, maybe even daily.

Reconciliation of data from different sources is a constant chore. You know that being able to perform XML mapping to import or export data between SAP and your other business systems, would save time, money and hassle for your business.

You would love to have real time integration between SAP and other business systems thus improving the accuracy and timeliness of your business information. You'd like this with the security of knowing that your SAP integration solution is SAP certified and won't cause issues with your existing SAP implementation or your support agreements.

Does this scenario apply to your business?

Contact Richard Sibbit to discuss how DBT can help integrate your data systems by implementing our SAP certified adaptors, just one of our many adaptors available to improve business integration.

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