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Data Management Services

At the heart of DBT's services is the development and management of data and databases. DBT's applications provide the most comprehensive multi-channel solution that allows organisations to manage, synchronize and coordinate customer interactions. We'll make your data enliven your business, drive customer relationships, improve internal processes and in the process drive more to your bottom line. 

Data and Database Development

Placing all your customer data into a single consolidated database is the first step in the database marketing process.  An accurate, up to date and segmented database will enable you to target the right message to theright customer at the right time.

Whatever form your data takes DBT will clean, process and restructure it into one relational database. Your database will then be the foundation for any applications you want to develop:

  • web-based data-entry
  • data mining and reporting CRM system
  • database driven website
  • e-mail marketing
  • wireless & SMS services
  • or just as a communication tool for more effective direct marketing

DBT are experienced in developing and hosting UK customer databases and in managing ongoing data updates and adhering to all the data protection codes of practice.

DBT's Data solution system enables you to access your database from any location and use your data with ease.  DBT will build you the tools to access, study and interrogate your data and the relationships within it.  We will give you multi-access levels including administrative/ management accounts and user accounts.

And we'll design you the tools to create your own reports from your database such as:

  • Mailfiles
  • Email files
  • Mapping
  • Analysis reports in MS Excel, MS Access or MS Word 

Data Cleaning and Processing

Responsible Data Management

Data cleaning involves the merge and purge of all data sources and cleaning against standard address cleaning software. DBT can advise on cleaning your data against the following suppression files:

PAF - Post Office Address File
OSIS - Operator Services Information
MPS - Mailing Preference Service
TPS - Telephone Preference Service
FPS - Facsimile Preference Service
GAS - The REaD Group Gone Away Suppression file.
NCOA - Post Office National Change Of Address File.
DECEASED - Your names and addresses will be checked against Mortascreen (from Harte Hanks) and The Bereavement Register (from The REad Group).

Ongoing Data Maintenace and Data Collection

DBT will manage the on-going database maintenance of your data and the most cost-effective data collection methods to ensure the quality of your database is maintained.

Data collection techniques include:

  • Postal
  • Telephone
  • E-collection (web, email)
  • Events
  • In-store 

 DBT can also provide the following response management tools and services including:

  • Short and long term PO BP boxes
  • Mail receipt
  • Call handling
  • Opening, sorting, batching and counting
  • Competition management, winner selection and notification
  • Secure document destruction and waste recycling


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