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Hosting and Support

We can host your website and take the worry and hassle out of your hands.

DBT has in place a robust, fault-tolerant and fully redundant IT infrastructure that allows us to securely develop and host leading edge e-business solutions. Based on a high speed, resilient internet connection to one of the world's leading backbone connectivity providers (a 20GBit Ethernet ring linking all sites to London Docklands, with self-healing capability), DBT are in a position to deliver both internet and database development expertise in conjunction with a comprehensive hosting architecture.  


Our Hosting architecture and data centre details

The DBT data centre is situated at Blue Square Data at their offices in Maidenhead

All high-dependency servers are rack-mounted with power supplied from large capacity N+1 Powerwave UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) units and 2 magawatt generators, providing power in the unlikely event of a supply outage. The environment is chilled by a N+1 chilled water air handling system operating at 22ºC. Entry to the buildings is via 24/7 swipe card systems, with 6-layer entry and 24/7 on-site security.

Our servers consist of multiple Sun Fire x4170 servers with quad-core Intel processors and 64Gb RAM. We offer the highest levels of availability and responsiveness for all our applications and services by operating VMware vSphere. This offers our customers a 100% virtualised datacenter with the industry's most complete and robust platform for virtualization. All our data is stored on several 12Tb SUN 7310 storage units (with a J4400 disk array, RAID 10) as primary storage for all the virtual machines.

For disaster recovery purposes we operate a secondary datacenter with C4L in Byfleet. Both datacenters are connected by a 100Mb fiber link enabling vMotion of virtual machines in case there is an outage in either datacenter.

DBT provides automated external monitoring of all web sites (ping, port 80 and http) every 2 minutes with an automatic SMTP email and SMS being delivered to support escalation contacts if 2 successive monitoring attempts fail. Escalation contacts may also be contacted directly out of hours should a suspected outage have occurred.

DBT provide a full weekly backup plus daily incremental backups of all hosted data. Weekly backup tapes are stored offsite at Iron Mountain.

Alternatively some of our clients host their own sites. We will support whichever solution you need.


Support and Maintenance

Support is a natural extension of all our services. We are always on hand to offer advice and help on any of the products or services we offer. With a dynamic web site comes the need to have not only the site structure backed up regularly, but also the vitally important database that holds all of your site's information and content.

As part of our ongoing Site Maintenance services, we offer regular back-up services to meet your needs. Through a simple options plan, we can undertake regular site and database back-ups on your behalf so if the worst happens; your data is safe with us ready to be reinstated. (Weekly, monthly and quarterly plans available - please contact us for details.)


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