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How sales ordering technology

creates valuable connections

Customers demand a lot these days and can be surprisingly unforgiving. They expect ordering experiences in their mainstream lives to match those in their business lives and why shouldn't they? It's not an unreasonable expectation.

Stephanie considers herself a patient and loyal customer but she is close to making the call on whether to change suppliers.

Are your customers talking to the competition?

Too many orders of the wrong product or products sent to the wrong address. Sometimes too many or too few of something, sometimes with very risky consequences. Always met with a polite apology from George their sales rep with a sheepish grin and 'ahh the spreadsheet....ohh the order numbers didn't match....Errr, the hand writing wasn't clear.

But today was different. George arrived on time and seemed to know what the practice was short of. He even suggested a few things they needed that wasn't on their radar. He had their previous orders on his tablet application now and could see where the gaps were. He had organised special pricing for Stephanie's practice with all the practice details up to date. Things were looking up.

The order was easily and quickly completed, then sent remotely with its unique reference number to the wholesaler for processing and the manufacturer for approval. The application handled everything automatically with total traceability throughout the entire process. George can even manage his own limited special offers with individual customers to ensure he can offer the best value possible.

The right order to the right address, at the best prices, with manufacturer approval. No more human error, no more risk, no more frustrated customers.

Benefits of the Sales Ordering System

Reduce risk
Personalised pricing
Manage rebates
Manage manufacturer approvals
Total traceability
Manage free of charge
Works online and offline
Insight driven marketing