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the potential of your hidden data

DBT enables your business to make real time, informed and evidence based decisions using our technology platform with data integration that works across all species - ruminants (beef and dairy), pig, poultry and aqua.

It works for Companion Animals too. Imagine having the ability to analyse clinical data leading to pet disease outbreak, create pricing points for customers with pets diagnosed with diseases, analyse if pets live longer on health plans, the possibilities are mind-boggling.

The 5 stages of precision data solutions

01. Create goals Having lots of data is pointless without an objective. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to learn? What decisions are you trying to make?
02. Identifying essential data So, you have a plan. Now you need the right data to achieve your objectives. The emphasis is on essential, do not introduce any more than is necessary. Superfluous or irrelevant data will only serve to dilute the results of your once clear goals.
03. Data interactions What data will work together to produce meaningful knowledge or insights? Once the right architecture is in place and the data starts to take shape, once hidden issues become blindingly obvious, previous assumptions are challenged, for possibly the first time you can see things like you have never seen them before.
04. Analysis This requires huge computing power involving complex algorithms and programming that comes from industry insight. You can access all the results from this process through a relatively simple dashboard that will let you see the interactions and relevance between the data and your goals.
05. Informed decisions For the first time you are now in the valuable position of being able to make decisions based on real insights. Not only that, but you now have the ability to measure the success of the decisions and continue refining the process to become more and more precise about your outcomes.
Precision Data Solutions are used for
Treatment analysis
Evidence based decision making
Value added service programs
Disease management and prevention
Impact of vaccination programs
Measure product efficiency
Customer real time data services
Prove value of health programs
Digital Transformation
Insight driven marketing

Precision Animal Health in Swine

David is a swine vet. He has an extremely busy job. Much of his time is spent visiting his customers on farms and making recommendations on the management of the pigs, their health and treating any disease or illness the animals get.

He struggled to dedicate quality time to all his clients to ensure he is giving the best advice and recommendations. The analysis, data collection and recommendation output for his customers is very time consuming for him and for them. His customers don’t have time to answer all of his questions about farm inputs. He often wondered if they were that accurate due to the rushed nature of the conversations. David has all the tools he needs to make the recommendations, just not the time.

In a Precision Animal Health world, David has a new tool that sources data directly from the farm and combines it with weather, genetic and production data. The new tool is fantastic. David doesn't have to visit his farms to get the data he needs. He can instantly see where his advice is needed and what recommendations to make his customers. He can choose between those that don't need his intervention and those that require urgent action.

His customers are delighted, not only due to time saved by not answering his questions, but his instant and accurate recommendations are helping prevent disease outbreak and increase yield on the farm. No more lengthy questions, no more data collection, just sound evidenced based advice targeted to the right customers and in a timely manner.

David has become one of the new breed of precision vets who can dedicate more time with more insight to more of his customers.