An integrated approach to technology solutions


Before we start any doing, we start thinking

Question everything from the word go. Consider every angle, every option, every scenario. Apply copious quantities of intelligent, creative thinking, and a dash of inspiration and the groundwork is set.

Only with a sound strategic foundation can you build a robust solution regardless whether it's a website, an enterprise application or database. We always think before we do.

Adding value with

We like to deliver that little bit more when we can. So rather than just tick the boxes and move it through the production line, we take a very different approach. We become very inquisitive, we want to really get under the skin of the challenge we are dealing with and ensure that our solution is thoroughly thought through in every aspect and is in-tune with everything around it.

Ultimately, it's about ideas that add business value.

Mobile Apps

Mobile business apps

Sometimes a web solution, sometimes a bespoke application and sometimes only a mobile app will fit the bill. We build in native iOS, Android & Microsoft to only the highest coding standards. Whether it's a game, a business tool or an e-commerce platform, the rigorous approach applies to strategy, planning, coding and testing.

Seamless integration

It is rare that an App sits in isolation. We create dynamic data flows between web services, databases, applications and iOS & Android apps to ensure that the customer is getting the right information and best experience regardless of their interaction point.


Creating functionality and value

We build applications in all shapes and sizes, designed with a specific task and objective in mind. They can be stand-alone or part of a bigger infrastructure receiving or sending data as required. When creating a solution we are always looking at ways we can enhance, refine or add value wherever possible.

Applications that work

This might sound like stating the obvious, but not only do our applications have to flawlessly perform the task for which they were created, but also be super intuitive to use. Clunky, complex systems just build bad relationships and stop being used. Failure is not an option.

Data Services

System & data integration

We truly believe in the value of connected systems, processes and enriched data. It helps our customers get meaningful and evidenced based insight and decisions.

Integration means different things to different customers. Supply chain EDI order to cash processes, sourcing data from farm management systems or vet practice management systems, processors, veterinary businesses - it's all the same to us and helps drive customer insight, reduce errors, gain competitive advantage, analyse your data landscape and improve market share.

Data management

Huge volumes of data are being created or shared every second and, unless managed properly, they are pretty much worthless. We manage, synchronise & coordinate data interactions that can help enrich your business, drive customer relationships and improve efficiency, all ultimately aimed at increasing ROI.


Why should your customers choose you over the competition?

Just having a presence is simply not enough. It's essential to create an affinity with your customers using relevant and engaging communications that lead to positive value based action. Utilising good data and marketing automation can see surprisingly positive results.

The right approach

What are the competition up to? What is your customers buying process? How do they make their decisions? What motivates them? There are a whole host of things to consider before forming a successful strategy and a creative position to match.

Measuring success

How well did it work? You have invested in a campaign however big or small, now is the time to measure its success. Analyse it's performance and begin an enhancement process to make it strongest and stronger. It's not just campaigns we measure; everything comes under the microscope. Analytics Reporting Learn Enhance.